Winning rate is more than 90%

I would like to welcome you to my service. 

Many people buy an option, and buying an option and make money is very difficult. I have tried and failed many years ago.

The core business in Option is not buying an option, but selling option.  I started option trading all the way back to 1999. Back then, all I did was follow my mentor and trying to predict the direction and buy the option. And guess what, price did not move as expected and most of the time, the option I bought ended up expired worthless and I lose money. And again and again, lose money until I gave up Option trading.

Over the years, I observed many successful Option traders how they profit in the options market.  And I found out selling option is a much better alternative than buying option. When we sell an option, we put money into our account immediately.  Of course, many people will tell you otherwise, Selling option is risky. Now, is there any financial market not risky?  If anyone tell you selling option is risky, ask them why risky and then you come to me and I will explain to you why I think just the opposite.

Over the last 12 months, I have been quietly selling a put option and the result was amazing. the win rate is more than 90%.

My goal here is a simple one – to bring you a steady stream of income simple selling Put Option. In this service, there is nothing you need to do, I will do all the leg work. All you need to do is wait for my trade alert and follow. And when come to the time to close your position, I will again update you what to do in our Put Selling Community group.

Let me share with you a trade which I took on 26 Sep 2018 and you will able to see how easy to generate income for yourself month after month.

I want to own Murphy Oil at $30. The stock opened at $32.42. I sold a put option on Murphy oil as follow:

After I sold 4 contracts and collected $1.30 as my premium (Income). Immediately, I deposited $520  into my account. Based on the strike price of $30, my immediate yield is 21% based on a margin account. If you start with a cash account, your yield would be 4.3%. ($1.3/$30)

Murphy Oil traded lower than my Strike price $30, so I bought and own the shares. And I immediately initiated a new trade after I own the shares – Sell a Covered call and collect another $0.90 x 400 =$360 as my income.

With my strategy, you generate income by Selling Put Option and once you own the shares, you Sell a Covered call to generate income again, you will follow my trade alert and sell and sell and profit together. This is one of the safest strategies that produce consistency result time and time again.

You probably thinking, ” This is too good to be true. What is the catch?”

If this is so good, why nobody told you. LOL. Everyone will advise you selling put option is a risk, don’t do it. Yes, I agree with them, only if you do it yourself without understanding, it will be risky. Isn’t the same for everything we do in our life?

But in my service, I will provide you will all crystal clear instruction what to sell, what strike price, expiry etc, everything you need to do as an option seller.

Let me once again tell you what is the risk of selling a put option. The risk is, if the stock trade below your strike price on the expiration date, we have to buy the shares at the strike price regardless of the market price. That is it! That is the worst that can happen.

We will end up owning the great company which already we want to own at discount price, and we still keep the premium collected and after own the shares, we can boost our income even more with another strategy – Covered call.

Come and join with me now and start collecting a nice stream of steady income.



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