Selling Covered Call for our 2nd stream of Income

In the previous post, I shared with you how you could generate Income month after month with Selling put.

Now, the income strategy I’m sharing with you today may be unlike anything you have heard of before. Again, most people will advise you it is “very Risky…”

But trust me, I will show you 3 easy steps and a surefire way to collect the income.

In my previous post, I talk about selling the put option… Guess what, everyone will advise you, selling put is “Very risky…” Let’s face it, these people are simply lying to you. What is the risk of selling the put option? You own the shares. What so bad about owning shares? Because once you own the shares, I will teach you how to create your 2nd stream of income — selling covered calls.

This is completely different from buying call options. Buying calls is making a bet that the stock will rise. Instead, we’re agreeing to sell our shares at a certain price. In return, we collect a premium.

Follow my 3 simple steps to ensure that every covered call you place is maximizing your income potential.

If your goal is to collect income, you must join my Option Selling Subscription now!


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