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About the coach

Benny Liang

Professional Forex Coach

Principal Trainer, Order Flow Academy


A veteran currency trader with 15 years’ of experience building an income through the financial market. With a keen focus on Technical Analysis, he has developed a simple and effective set of strategies that he trusts for all his trading decisions.


Today, Benny is respected for being a seasoned Forex coach offering one of the most dedicated post-programme support systems in the industry. He has imparted his trading skills to over 800 students in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia and now in Philippines. One of his best students, an entrepreneur, even went on to achieve millions in profits within 2 years of trading!

Benny’s Story

Back in 1980, I was a Naval Office with the Republic of Singapore Navy (and a very hardworking one). I liked my job, but as time passed I started to wonder, “Is this the best I can do for myself and my family?” I knew if I wanted financial freedom, I needed to get out of my comfort zone. I had to start taking active steps to get there. So after saving up for 6 years, I left the Navy and went to work for a timber-related import & export trading company. After five years with the company, the money was better than working in the Navy, but somehow, money never enough. In 1990, I plucked up the courage to start my own company and became the humble owner of a timber-related trading business copied exactly what my ex-boss was doing.


Things went well. It could have been the happy ending to an entrepreneurship story. Then this thing happened that sent my life crashing. In 1997, during the Asia Financial crisis, my business was hard-hit. I lost everything. I was a 40-year-old. I lost everything and end up with mountains of debts. Not being able to pay off the debts of $800,000, I became bankrupt in 2010.


Faced with reality when no company was willing to hire me, I end up becoming a taxi driver to support my family and pay my debts.


Knowing my lives should not end up as ordinary as a taxi driver, I was in search of a springboard to jump out of the debt hole and be successful again. I don’t have the capital to start another new business, and I know any 9-5 pay job will not be helpful. By accident, I came across a free financial workshop. The session opened my eyes to see the impossible to become probable. It changes my mindset. And I know the Springboard is my only chance I needed that time to propel myself back up to the top again. I took the opportunity and never look back again.


Fast-forward to today: Not only I managed to pay off my debts, and I discharged from my bankruptcy. Today, I am happy to report that I am financially free, travel to anywhere, any time I want and afford a comfortable living to my family, and most importantly I am living my dreams — being a coach helping others to achieve their dreams.


Now, I’m not sharing all these very personal details to impress you with my “success story.” All I want you to know is: We are not that different. We are simply people who hope to make a better life for ourselves and our family. And if a 40-year-old guy who lost his business and went to financial difficulty can stand back up and learn the ropes to profitable trading, I believe you can too. The only difference is you don’t have to make all the silly mistakes, spend years trying to figure things out on your own, spend hours hunting for setups every day, and lose thousands of dollars and suffer all the heart pain that I (and many novice traders) did.


So if you want to make great profits through Forex, cut short your learning curve and avoid stepping on money-burning Forex landmines, here goes!

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