$7 Trillion Revolution – Driver-less Car

Self-driving cars are coming rapidly to take over the market, and it is not years away; it is happening right now. Research predicts that autonomous revenue from cars will reach $ 2.3 trillion in a decade. Intel predicts the next few decades to be worth $ 7 trillion. Before these autonomous cars take to the streets, a few critical things are needed. To operate self-driving cars, they need to be able to make quick decisions and log data and components to allow a self-driving car to navigate, view and communicate with its user. Two significant innovations in technology are being rolled out. And for self-driving cars, both of these innovations are critical. These innovations are 5 G and the internet of things (IoT).

For self-driving cars, both of these technologies are needed to collect data and the road safety pilot. Without 5 G, it would be impossible for self-driving cars to process data quickly enough. And without IOT, the devices around them wouldn’t be able to connect. 5 G is going to be a revolution that changes a life. Its fast speed lighting, devices can communicate with virtually no delay through 5 G networks. Without 5 G, the autonomous cars will stay in the garage. Today, many companies are investing billions of dollars to ensure that by the end of the year the first 5 G networks will be out. And this speed is critical for self-driving cars. To operate its complex sensor systems alone, it will need to process about 4,000 gigabytes of data a day. Data will be consumed by self-driving cars and used more voraciously. And on current 4 G networks, it can’t do that.

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