Order Flow Academy

A veteran currency trader with 15 years’ of experience building an income through the financial market.
With a keen focus on Technical Analysis, he has developed a simple and effective set of strategies that he trusts for all his trading decisions.
Free introductory workshop, reserve your seat today!
  • Trade without Indicator.
  • Multiple assets class trading in equity stock, indices, commodity, forex, ETF, Option.
  • How to invest like a Pro with global fundamental combined with technical analysis.
  • Learn and develop trading strategy and theme just like the Professionals.
Forex Trading
Develop the winning mindset of top-performing Forex traders and learn how they manage their money.
Stock Investing
No more guessing and spending in expensive seminars to earn from investing in stocks.
Option Trading
Anticipate future price turning points with accuracy and enter trades with confidence.

What They Say

"Very informative. Jam-packed with knowledge. I found that there were student mentors available, they are very helpful. I think I have an excellent mentor!"
Dr. Merlyn Matthews- Practising Orthodontists
"After attending the preview, I find that Benny's workshop is different from other workshops. I gain a lot of new insights into how to trade responsibly."
Richard Lim- Real Estate Agent
"It covers not only the technical analysis part of trading but also the financial analysis part, which I personally felt was the core to any trading environment."
Chan Min Yau- IT Consultant
Dec 28, 2019
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